Imagine you are on a deserted island with no method of communication. You have to get off. There are evil things surrounding the island. How do you get off?
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I wonder if you mean getting off... without actually leaving the island. Hummm. Nevermind.

Easiest way to get off , is imagine you are somewhere else.Emotion: smile
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Hi Ear. , how are you? I haven't heard from u for a long time Emotion: smile yeah your answer is also possible..Let me give you the answer then ; Stop imagining ! Emotion: big smile
Ummm, Dj? I was searching thru the old posts, and came across this one. Unfortunately, my dirty mind won't go beyond the first reply. I thought the same thing!

What's the answer for god's sake?

What if someone doesn't have his head? Emotion: stick out tongue
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YoHf,do not crack dirty jokes please Emotion: big smile
Ok... Emotion: big smile
obedient pupil Emotion: big smile lol..
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