3 let
transitive verb
1 : to cause to : make <let me know>
2 a chiefly British : to offer or grant for rent or lease <let rooms>
b : to assign especially after bids <let a contract>

3 a : to give opportunity to or fail to prevent <live and let live> <a break in the clouds let us see the summit> <let the opportunity slip>
b -used in the imperative to introduce a request or proposal <let us pray>
c -used as an auxiliary to express a warning <let him try>
[M-W's Col. Dic.]

What is that "auxiliary"? An auxiliary verb? The sentences in red are also the same, grammatically. Please help me with it.

Maybe you need another dictionary, Jackson. Emotion: big smile

Don't forget that the important thing is to know how to use the word, not to know what it is called.

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Now I have been using M-W's Collegiate Dictionary regularly for several years (Occasionally, I also use American Heritage which, like M-W's Col., is also based on original Webster's dictionary) and it's my judgement it's difficult in terms of how it explain the senses. It's my knowledge that it is still quite popular in the US. Is that really true and what is your opinion about M-W? Which regular English dictionary is good for learners in your view? It will be a difficult decision to change the dictionary because I use handheld electronic version of M-W. I also have handheld electronic version of American Heritage but it's old with small screen and is short in terms of content.

I don't really have any good advice to offer you about dictionaries. I like my Canadian Oxforsd Paperback Dictionary (I won it in a contest Emotion: smile).I also consult, sometimes, my old Concise Oxford Dictionary, if I want a more in-depth definition with some etymology. I don't use online dictionaries much.

My only advice is that, if you find a definition unclear, you should check a second dictionary.

Okay, Clive, thanks a lot, anyway. Could you please suggest me any books or offer advice to improve written English? I don't get much time to write things in English. The only writing I do is here on the Forums.
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Read. Read read read read read read read.
Keep a journal.

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