1. I am used to working hard.

2. Soil is used to make earthe pot.

In first sentence "used to -ing form" of verb,but same time in the second sentence

only "used to make" Why so?

Please explain it.
Hello H2000

(1) Here 'used to' = 'accustomed to' and takes a gerund:

' [working hard].'

(2) Here 'used' = 'utilized' and takes an infinitive:

'[Soil is used] [to make] [earthen pots]'.

Note that 'used to' as in 'accustomed to' in the simple past tense takes the infinitive, e.g. "I used to work hard."

'Used' as in 'utilised' can also take the gerund, if you write 'for' instead of 'to', e.g. "Soil is used for making earthen pots".