I am used to horse.

What does it maen.

It's not really an English sentence. It doesn't really mean anything.
Maybe you need to think about what you want to say and try again.
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Be used to something.

1. I am used to horses.(any object).

Be used to doing.

I am used to reading fast.

This was the example given on net at "www.englishclub.com".

So I was not clear about it.

"I am used to horses" still seems odd to me. It means "I am used to being around horses" or "I am used to horses being around me" or something like that. (Maybe it's because I don't know any horses personally.Emotion: smile So I myself am not used to horses!)

When you say you are used to doing something, you are saying that you have done it quite often in the past, to the point that you are now very comfortable doing it, you are possibly very knowledgeable about doing it , and very familiar with doing it. You are not at all uncomfortable about it; it is not at all a new experience for you, but more like a habit.

"I am used to drinking wine." This means I have drunk wine often in the past. I am familiar with the taste of wine. I don't find that drinking wine is unfamiliar to me in any way. I know what to expect when I drink wine.

"I am used to reading fast." This means I am comfortable reading fast. I have done that often in the past; it is usual for me to read fast. Reading fast does not bother me in any way. It is something familiar to me.

I hope that clarified things a little bit.