I ..... working at night nowadays.

A. used to

B. used

C. am used to

D. would
I am used to working nights. A form of be (am). -ing.

It's familiar to me. I have a lot of experience doing it. It doesn't bother me to do it.

I used to work nights. No form of be. No -ing.

In the past I worked nights, but I don't work nights anymore.


It's easy. Would you try first?

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'used to' and 'would' (meaning the habit of the past) should be followed by the bare/root infinitive form of a verb(the original form of the verb).

used to/should + work

'be used to' (similar in meaning to 'be accustomed to') should be followed by the -ing form of a verb(the gerundive form).

am/are/is used to + working

'be used to' (in just passive), of course, can be followed by the bare infinitive when it is used as a mere passive.

So the answer is C. (Nowadays it's not so hard to work at night)
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