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I use

You missed a dot: esl.about.com Lots of information there. Here are a few more sites to check out:

TESall.com: Job search resources, news ticker, lesson plans
www.englishjobmaze.com: Job board, country profiles
www.tesolmax.com Top sites list for ESL/EFL teachers
www.eslcafe.com Pretty much everything
Site Hint: Check out our list of pronunciation videos.
And if you are teaching kids try:

A new, but very user-friendly site is


The lesson plans are completely searchable and even have a 'printer friendly' button you can hit for printing pleasure so you don't really have to copy and paste.

is a 100% free googlesque search engine for ESL sites only. If you have an ESL related site then please feel free to add it in!
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
We've finally put up the full online grammar guide on its own dedicated site. It's simple to search and also allows people to leave comments behind on every page - hopefully this will allow us to see what people want, what needs more explanation and what needs to be clearer so we can update as necessary.

Comments welcome!




hi my friend I can recommend you to buy Cambridge Grammar books (essential eng. grammar-intermediate-advenced eng. grammar) there are really useful explanations and mixed tenses exercises.
I was wondering if anybody can help me... I want to teach grammar without teaching the rules and elucidating them through interesting examples. Can I find a site to help me? I want the examples to be in the form of jokes, anecdotes or short stories.
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Hi Anita,

Try the worksheet I made called Present Continous?

You can find it about half way down the page from this link.

Is it any good?

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