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I would like to add a resource for FCE students:
It is an guide to online free practice for the FCE exam. It includes grammar, phonetics, reading, and past papers.

I'd like to add my site as a reference - www.onlinetutoringworld.com/index.htm

The site contains 200+ pages of guides on how to teach esl online, home tutoring, 30+ interactive video lesson plans and links for tutors looking for work.
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I use www.elt-time.com

www.better-english.com and


I hope these sites will be helpful for uuuuuuu Emotion: smile
good resources, thank you
Maybe I could add my site, which is free for teachers and students.


I hope you find the materials useful.

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

I get many benefits from this site. I want to share with you guys.

hi i want to learn phonetics of brritish english
I've been a teacher of English to both English and overseas students, and now, "retired" (whatever that word may mean) I've produced a website which will help both young people who are learning to read our English language, and discovered that it is extremely popular with students of English as a second/foreign language:

What is it?

POETRY FOR EVERYONE BUT ESPECIALLY CHILDREN -http://www.whiteheadm.co.uk/html/josies_poetry.htm

I have written about 230 poems (but I'm still writing each day). The children at our local school asked me to put my 50 poems (then) onto an internet website so that they could access them at home as well as at school. They enjoyed the poems a great deal. I did this last year (February 2006). Now there are another 180 (to date), and, also at the request of local children, I have added my clear English voice recording to each poem. As you will know, what you hear in English is not necessarily what you spell, and looking at it the other way, what you read in English is not necessarily spoken in that way: two/blue/flew/through etc - - - - and through/bough/cough/though etc.

In particular, look at this poem: SEEING IS DEFINITELY NOT BELIEVING: http://www.whiteheadm.co.uk/html/seeing.html#seeing

You can see that I just love playing with words and sounds - so I suppose that's why I write rhyming poetry.

The website is extremely popular, and has been since Day 1. I am amazed that every month 1000 visitors come to the website from all over the world, and it has been highlighted by leading educational and children's websites. The fact that the words rhyme, and the poems are fun, helps students to remember the words (in the same way as English children love learning English through nursery rhymes and songs). I have written an article which explains about building up on good habits by reading and listening to the same words three times over, and then listening without reading, and then testing. If any of you would like me to send you this article, please write to me at: (email removed, please add it to your profile) I am also offering to go into classes via skype as from the autumn, both to read to students/pupils, listen to them and talk to them. (See my website). I hope you will use what I have worked extremely hard to give to your students freely, and if you enjoy the poems, please write in my guestbook.
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Sorry if someone has already mentioned it:

busyteacher.org - there you'll find a lot of handouts on different topics.
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