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This is a beautifully done site where learners can practise the irregular verbs. The competitive element works especially well with students who have reasonable keyboarding skills. Cues can be in French, German, Spanish or English and there are bilingual lists to prepare the activity and report cards at the end. It's completely free and no registration is required
It's a free site for practicing English by watching videos. For early-intermediate to advanced English learners who want to practice comprehension & vocabulary. Inspired by S. Krashen's 'comprehensible input' theory, they've gathered a bunch of videos that students "want to watch" and rated them for difficulty. You can click on the videos' captions for word-level translation into about a dozen languages. Complete transcripts, games, etc. Seem to be welcoming suggestions on how to make it useful for EFL/ESL learners and teachers.
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If you may allow, I use this site http://www.mingoville.com in teaching my 6 year old and 9 year old Korean Students.

With over 460 up-to-date articles on all sorts of ELT related subjects the ICALwiki is a great free ELT resource for all English teachers and other TESL/TEFL Professionals.

The ICALwiki offers practical ideas and insightful suggestions on a wide array of teaching related topics from Grammar to ESL Activities to Books to Linguistics to Teaching Faq to Country Files and much, much more. Check it out!

A few months ago I started a website called WordSpark, which seeks to teach English communicatively through the use of popular culture topics. My focus is on teaching English in context using comprehensible input. I use music, videos, pictures, and other realia to engage students through a wide variety of topics.

Hope you like it!

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Great list! I'll check it all one at a time and see what would be my next favorite site. Big thanks!

A blog with lesson plans based on authentic materials, great for practicing listening skills Emotion: smile
Site Hint: Check out our list of pronunciation videos.
thank you very much

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