I know that using the word "and" in numbers is wrong (one hundred and ten) but I can't find a site that explains this. Especially since and is removed from web search parameters.

Anyone know of a site that explains this?
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Sorry, but using 'and' in numbers is not wrong at all-- it is used extensively in spoken English and when writing bank cheques.
You are both correct. Emotion: smile

Using and saying (110) 'one hundred ten' is grammatically correct, and is the way the English language should read numbers.

However, the reality is that 99% of the English speaking world will say, and is even understood easier 'one hundred and ten'.
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Hello Anon,

I'd be interested in hearing your source for saying it's incorrect to use "and" or where it says that we should read numbers that way.
how should i read the following No,1234567890
It doesn't appear to be a number that describes a quantity, so I'd say only "one two three four five six seven eight nine zero."
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110 - one hundred and ten (mainly British), one hundred ten (mainly American).

"and" is usually left out in American English when reading numbers. Emotion: smile
"and" is usually left out in American English when reading numbers.
This is not my experience (or my habit) at all, Kooyeen. Where did you get this information?
I don't know where any of you are getting your information or how you all formed your habits.
All I can say is that I never use and in that context.

345 - three hundred forty-five
627 - six hundred twenty-seven
5763 - five thousand seven hundred sixty-three

(the year) 1975 - nineteen seventy-five

The only (semi-)exception is that on checks I write
One hundred seventy-five & 37/100 -----
(I handwrite the ampersand. I don't write and.)

I have absolutely no objection to saying and after the hundreds, and I'm sure I've heard people say it that way, and that it sounds completely fine, but I never do myself!

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