Hi everyone,

I've never used the audio CD's and cassettes that most publishers sell along with their texts, but I'd like to start. However, I have one question...which equipment to you like best...a CD player or cassette player? I thought it was hands down a CD player, but I then remembered reading somewhere on this forum that using cassettes was "easier" for the teacher than using cassettes. Why would this be?

I prefer using cds because they're easier to set, especially when I need to repeat a certain track. I can also play the cds on my notebook computer so I don't have to bring a separate cassette player. Cds are also much easier to reproduce![6]
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I'm thinking...what if you just need to go back just a few words, not an entire "track"? Can you do that with a CD? (Ha ha, can you tell that I don't have a DVD player and never listen to music!!!)
It's possible to go back a few seconds. Instead of giving the back button a press and letting go immediately, you should keep it pressed. The cd will not 'rewind' in tracks but in seconds or multiples of seconds. Just keep an eye on the counter.
Thank you!!!!
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