Hi all,

Just a quick dummy question. Is it inappropriate to use I am or My name is at the beginning of a letter?Thanks.

If you want to follow it with your name, then say "My name is Bryan," not "I am Bryan."
Personally, I think it is better to start a letter with your objective. So rather than saying "My name is Bryan and I am contacting you because...." start with why you are writing.

For example:

I am writing to complain about...
I am writing to enquire about...

Hope this helps

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I think it depends on whether there is an actual or possible personal relationship. If you are writing to a friend of a friend, a professor who may not know your name, etc., versus a customer service department, etc.

I always use "I'm Ted" and maybe it's because I served in the Army. Nothing sounds more idiotic than "my name is Sergeant (last name)." No; your name is not "Sergeant anything." Your name is your name. I always said, "I'm (Staff) Sergeant (my last name).