Notes from management meeting
tell staff :
We'll try flexi-time for 3 months.
After 3 months we'll get the opinions of all staff.
We'll look at feedback comments and make a decision.
We may try it for another month.
All workers wiil hav to arrive 8-9.30.
We hope you like the idea.

From: The managing Director
To: all staff

It 1.(decide) to adopt a flexi-time system for a trial period of three months. After this period 2.(elapse) all members of staff 3.(consult) through their line manager, and the feedback4.(seek).Comments 5.(collect) and analysed before a decison 6.(make) as to whether the system 7.(adopt) permanently or not. Alternatively, the trial period 8.(extend) for a further month. All emplyees 9.(require) to arrive between the hours of 8.00 and 9.30 and to leave after they have fulfilled their contractual obligations of eight hours. It 10. (hope) that this arrangement meets with your enthusiastic approval!

My opinion :
1) has been selected
2) elapses
3) will be consulted
4) will be seeked
5) will be collected
6) is made
7) is adopted
8) are required
9) is hoped

Please check it !
1-- 'decided' not 'selected'
2-- yes, or 'has elapsed'
3-- yes
4-- ('their feedback', perhaps?) seek/sought/sought; and the auxiliaries are not really required, as this is a compound verb.
5-- yes
6-- yes
7-- possible but I think NO
9-- (your answer #8) NO-- should be future per the notes.
10- (your answer #9) yes
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8. will be extended - and 7.adopts 9. will be required .
8 and 9-- OK
7-- will be adopted, I think. 'Is adopted' can be used for future plan, but here I think they want the future passive, Max.
Thanks !
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