Could you please tell me if I need to use " ; " in the following sentence? Would you use it in order to introduce yourself?

Eleanor Potter, my Mom; Anna Potter, my sister; and Amy Potter, I have been living in Rome for five years, which is since we came to Italy.

Am I using "at and by" correctly? Can a different preposition be used?

You can reach me at 000-0000 or by the fax 111-1111.

She lives with her husbans and three children at Highlands 45.

Thank you very much
The problem isn't with the semi-colons. It's that odd construction with the Amy and the pronoun I. Is the speaker supposed to be Amy Potter?
If you only need corrections for "at and by", then they are in the right places. However, you can simply make it "or by fax", it's just like saying "my fax number is" instead of "my the fax number is"
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How about the usage of ";" in "Eleanor Potter...."sentence? Is the punctuation correct and does it sound natural?

Thank you
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Yes, the speaker is Amy Potter and she must introduce herself also in this letter.

Thank you
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