I've just sent a post about 'articles', I meant Grammar articles, no literary articles.....
The posts was:

I found another word starting by 'u' and whose article is 'a' because its first sound is 'ju-'
Moderators of Grammar section, can you place this word in the thread about articles? Thanks.

Get me now? I was talking about a / an / the. So, please, my request to Grammar section moderators was to place the word 'utopia' among the words that starting by a 'vowel' need 'a' as article (instead of 'an' because the sound 'ju-' at the beggining of the word) in Grammar section, no in Literary Articles section.
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updated: "a" and "an"
I get a little confused over your request Emotion: stick out tongueEmotion: stick out tongueEmotion: stick out tongueEmotion: smile
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