I feel it is not as good as it was before. It becomes slower and slower and is not clear.........disappoint with the new version....
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The same with me! EF used to be faster. However, we shouldn't forget about new features such as avatars. The only thing that makes me unhappy is that there are less visitors than used to be. EF is getting more and more boring.
Traffic is actually up..
However, so far still not many fans from Russia - Emotion: big smile
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Hehe, don't forget you have one!
Is the visitor number really going up? I could have sworn that EF seems a bit quieter place after the update. This is one occasion on which I don't mind being wrong, though.
I agree it is slower. It often tests my patience.

And I no longer get new posts in my mailbox, which was the case before the revamp.
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It's true that the old version of the site was faster, but I think this new version looks nicer and more interesting.
Zerox: http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details/EnglishForward.com <- although we can't give you our internal data, we've finally made the top 20,000 on Alexa.. We have lost some psychological indicators, the traffic / guests / who is on-line lists are a bit hidden and brief at the moment - we'll bring them back shortly.

Yoong Liat: It shouldn't really be slow any more; those problems are 'largely' gone since last week - next week will be the final round of speed updates - but at the moment it tests well from most sides of the world.

SanjaDz: Thanks, it's tough staying on top of change.. we're hiring more people now to try and help - it's become a 1000% full time for us..
Thanks, Hitchhiker, for the information.

I have been getting a couple of new posts in my email inbox. I hope to receive all of them soon.

Thanks in advance.
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