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Hi please help. I want to write a letter for a vacation leave for around 3 weeks. I just transfered to a different project, meaning different manager. I would like to inform my new manager that I've gotten the approval from my previous manager already so as to a have greater chance for approval. Thanks.

Dear Sir,

I would like to request permission to take my vacation from September 9 until September 29, 2009. I have asked permission from my manager from my previous project and she has already appoved my leave. At that time it was still to early to file my leave since my booking was not yet confirmed.

I would greatly appreiciate your granting this request.

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hi ,

Can you please help me in making my vacation leave letter this noming May 18- May 22.

A 5 days leave.

Thanks..Can i have a urgent reply.
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Pls help me to write a vacation leave for 5 days in vietnam
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Please read the [url= ] ANNOUNCEMENTS AND FAQS IN OUR LETTER-WRITING FORUM[/url] and post your draft letter in that forum.
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hi please help me in making letter to my requesting a vaction leave for the purpose og getting marriage

I have given my vacation leave letter and it is granted but now I want to delay in my vacation due to ongoing bid and I am involve in this bid work, in this regard will you please help in writing a letter for delay in vacation leave.

Thanks.. Can I have a very urgent reply

can i do a 1 month vacation if i been working a year now
Hello.. I have also problem on how to start my letter for my employer. I'm planing to write a letter of indefinite leave for 6 mos.the reason why it takes that long is I'm going to travel in Dubai to look for a job. if I'm not fortunate in looking for a job , for sure I'm still going back with my present job.. how will I start my letter
not stating the real reason.pls help