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I've just found out what my boyfriend has booked for tomorrow night.

My heart sank when I saw the piece of paper with

2 tickets to valentine's dinner at the medieval banquet.

Ok god no, I thought, not dinner there, it's so cheeeeesy and it'll get on my nerves. But he knows I'm interested in history, so I suppose it was a nice thought, but oh nooooooo I'm going to hate it!!!!!

Then I kept reading and found the part that said 'no medieval display' - phew! They are just using the venue for a nice dinner followed by a band!

(and we don't just do nice things on the ahem 14th. We had a nice slow candlelit dinner at home last week.)
Candlelit dinners can be a bit of a hazard.

Last year there was a small candle on our table (yes another valentine's thing) and he and the waiter were bending over the menu, talking about something, and neither of them noticed that the menu was on fire. I was so surprised, and trying not to laugh, that I could only splutter and wave my hand in their direction. They stopped talking and looked at me, but still didn't notice the fire for a few seconds.
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LOLWhat did you have for dinner that day?:D (thanks you for this anecdote, I was falling asleep..but you made me laugh!:)...and I'm still studying philosophy...Emotion: sad )

...You've got a romantic boyfriend, Nona!:) hmm..all I can say is that..EnJoY tHe DaY oF tOmOrRoW!!:)[K]

---------------------------------sorry, it's not "tomorrow", it's today!:P-----------------------------------------
lol Emotion: big smile

I bet it's going to be a great evening Nona..don't worry Emotion: wink

(oh, when I said about the special things on the 14th I've had my friends in my mind Emotion: embarrassed)
Hi guys,
basically, I think Valentine's day is one of the stupidest days. I don't like it either. As Pucca said, it's not just because it's Valentine's day that you have to give gifts, be more romantic than usual, and so on. But, here's the problem, today Valentine's day has become a business, it's basically a commercial phenomenon (at least around here). Now you see why I say Valentine's day is the stupidest day.

But this doesn't mean you must not celebrate... you are free to set your house on fire, Nona. Emotion: stick out tongue hehehe
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I never used to like it either. I must be going soft in my old age.
KooyeenValentine's day has become a business, it's basically a commercial phenomenon
Hello Kooyeen, it's same here. All the shops tempt you to buy with their decorations and so on! Well, it's worse for me since I can't help myself..Emotion: stick out tongue..maybe it's recommendable for me not to go out these days?:P

(Nona, who said you were old?!..age doesn't matter as long as you feel confortable with yourself!;) )
Nona, that candle story is great! At my wedding rehearsal dinner, a close friend of my husband set the menu on fire. It was pretty funny.
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Barb, that was a sign!:) Doesn't fire mean passion, love in poetry or literature?:P
That's a good thing!:)

(I want a similar story aswell!:P..seems to be funny:D)
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