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Yes, well... Pucca... now the one who set the menu on fire is marriedto my ex-husband... so... maybe there was more passion there than I knew? Emotion: stick out tongue

(If my brother ever comes back to the forums [he was posting here for awhile] he can confirm that story. He was sitting next to her when it happened and I believe was the one who extinguished the menu.)
Oh my goodness, but at least you can laugh about it now...
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For me Valentine`s day -a great time to spend with precious person. It`s not matter of presents, and better without them....the important thing is attention, which in everyday life is so little, love, love, and again LOVE Emotion: big smile[K][L]
This day is a chance to not forget about your feelings and to refresh them.[A]Emotion: embarrassed
It is a meaningless day.. It has no difference from any other day..
oh..Deniz, maybe you think that all the days should be celebrated in the same way?:P

GG, I hope your brother will return some day and I have the chance to meet him!:) (..and to know another version of the story!:P)
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Not special day, day like different days. Tvs, newspapers etc advert this day. I think it's the worst day to say "i love you". Many people are forced to say it by this day. Many of us are also forced to give some gifts. Somebody don't want to be worse than friends who gave gifts.
Kolpi, I don't think you are forced to but a gift, you don't have to do so if you don't want to. Just talk with your partner and that's all!
I think it's the worst day to say "i love you"
Why? I think it's a great day to say so! Many people declare on this day to the girl/boy they love!
I think, that I can say it every day. It isn't better day, because why?
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Sure! I agree with you, Kolpi! All the days of a year should be as good as this one, I mean, you should take care of you partner during the year and not just in this day!;)
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