Valentine's day, couple's day!:)

Well, I'm not the type of person who celebrates it as if it was really special, I prefer to live each day as if it was Valentine's day:P...each day is special, isn't it?:)
Do you expext your boyfriend or girlfriend to give you something? What would happen if he or she forgets this day?:P

Enjoy this day!
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Emotion: embarrassed
Nona!:) Don't be Emotion:'s the last time I say it: You had a lapsus!;)

(Well, after this, I think you'll know who I am;) )
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This gave you away

I prefer to live each day as if it was Valentine's day.

Very apt really. Emotion: wink
I've never celebrated Valentine's day (basically because I hate it Emotion: stick out tongue ) but I wish all the best to the happy couples Emotion: smile

(Pucca and Nona, I don't get the story behind 'the lapsus', what's happened? Emotion: stick out tongue)

Edit: ok I've just seen that Nona wants you to keep her I won't ask more Emotion: big smile )
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Fran! why do you hate this day?:) (It's as normal as other days:P)

hmm..what happenedEmotion: rolleyes..nothing at all!:)

(Nona, you want to steal my fortune-teller job, eh?;) )
Pucca, nothing to say but I just hate when people pretend to love each other just in this day and do special things while as you said every day should be a Valentine's day Emotion: wink
hehe:)..every day is Valentine's day and we should leave each day as if it was the last one:)

I don't know who said this sentence but I like it: Live the present so that in a future you can have a beautiful past(?)..hmm, definately, I'll never work as a translator:P Spanish it's: vive el presente para que en un futuro tengas un bonito pasado
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