As far as I know native speakers put the stress either on the first or on the second syllable in this word.

Which pronunciation have you heard most often ( meaning US/GB mass media in the first place)?

vlivefWhich pronunciation have you heard most often

I was in music school at one point in my life, so I heard the stress on the second syllable most often. That's closer to the German pronunciation of Wagner's music drama of the same name.

However, in the mass media it's almost always the version with the stress on the first syllable.



The OED shows the alternate pronunciation val-KYR-ee as US and not UK. The AHD has four pronunciations, two with an initial "w". I have only ever heard VAL-kuh-ree. They don't come up in conversation very often, though. The only time you ever hear the word is in the title of the musical piece "Flight of the Valkyries", popularized by Elmer Fudd and Francis Ford Coppola.

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