The act of planting tree or tree planting festival what do we call this apart from afforestation or reforestation, in India we call this Van mahotsav

Your presence is highly desirable is that what we say in a formal letter, addressing someones presence?

So I went to invite some high level persons on behalf of my school and I said that. Was I correct?

Sir I am here to invite you to afforestation festival that is going to be held on 6th September, So I expect your presence that day, which is highly desirable thank you.

Sorry if I stretched this post too long, let me know if my words hurt you to be understood.



On behalf of (School name) school, I would like to invite you to the Van Mahotsav festival celebration that is going to be held on 6 September at 2:00 pm at (address). This year our school planted 150 trees as part of this important tree-planting environmental movement. We would be honored by your presence at this event.

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Liton Dasafforestation

This appears to be a specialised word that is not in general use. Tree-planting is more familiar and in general use.

Thank you so much. It made me realize I need to learn lots of formal english words, I have a long long way to go.