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I've been struggling to find a proper rendering for a Chinese fixed expression hua1-ping2 'vase' 花瓶, a derogatory term referring to some unintelligent beauty, ex. a beautiful, sexy but incompetent secretary. The only related English phrase that came to my mind was "trophy wife," but I supposed, as the name suggests, it is restricted to "wives" only. However, I was looking for a more general English expression to describe a sexy but unintelligent female (usually with a negative connotation) as hua1-ping2 'vase' 花瓶 in Chinese. Interesting enough, when I looked up the word 'vase' on Urbandictionary, it said 'a vase' or 'a ming vase' refers to someone who is seriously ugly. (lol) Interesting though, I also found out that it didn't seem to be widely used. So my question is that is it true that if we say someone is a vase, we mean that she is aesthetically challenged? If yes, where did this expression come from? Why is it related to the Ming vase? Also, What can we use to describle someone who has only face but no brain?

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Not much help here!

In the old days, "dumb blond" used to describe what you're talking about, since they were usually portrayed as blonds in the movies. These days you can't characterize anyone in a derrogatory way.

I hadn't heard the one about the vase, and don't know it's origin, but "ming vase" is an old and well-known term and obviously Chinese.

But don't let me discourage you. There are plenty of misogynists out there busily coming up with new labels.

"Valley girls" used to fit what you're thinking of, but I haven't heard it for a long time. But they were only indiginous to California.
Bubbleheaded bleached blonde?

Arm candy/office candy
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"Arm candy" is the first thing I thought of, too. Also "bimbo."
Bimbo may be good, but does it imply she's a bit easy? Or just dumb? I'm not sure.
Gosh, ladies, do you call each other these names??
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AvangiGosh, ladies, do you call each other these names??

Only behind their backs!
If you don't think that those of us with high IQs but looks that don't stop traffic don't have names for the girls who get where they are based solely on their boobs (when their brains would never make the grade), then you are quite naive.

It's not misogynistic call a spade a spade.
vase? Never heard that to describe a person.

My first thought was also bimbo.
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