The following is the lyric for 'Venus as a Boy.'

I want to know the exact meaning of "He's Venus as a boy."

Is there any hidden meaning in "VENUS"?

[ This is what I think; He is an excellent lover, like a Venus as a girl, so He can be called Venus as a boy.

He is Venus as a boy. Is that right?]

Venus As A Boy /Artist: Bjork /Album: Debut

his wicked/ sense of humour

suggests/ exciting sex!

his fingers/ they focus on her

touches/ he's venus as a boy

he believes in a beauty/

he's venus as a boy/

he's exploring/ the taste of her

arousal/ so accurate

he sets off/ the beauty in her

he's venus/ venus as a boy

he believes in a beauty/

he's venus as a boy /
The song is certainly suggestive of good sex, but Venus was known for her beauty, so I would say that he was very good looking... but it's hard to say what she may have meant with her lyrics.
Frankly, with Bjork, it could mean anything. I love her work, but I really can't take the lyrics very seriously.
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It sounds like sex between to women. Only the female that took the lead was very beautiful but she touch like a man would and made her partner forget she was a women. Thus Venus as a boy.
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lime blue 223forget she was a woman

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