hi , everyone I have promble following

1 ) I am going to see my grandma .

be going to + V

2) I feel like danceing today. / I start playing soccer.

feel like / start + Ving

What kind of word use to V , what kind of word use to Ving or both can use.

thanks .
There are no rules, Easy. A good grammar book should have lists of the verbs that only take the infinitive or the -ing form and of those that take both (with either changed or unchanged meaning).
Hello Easy

Maybe [url=http://www.grammarstation.com/servlet/GGuide?type=GRI]this site[/url] is a nice place to you.

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
thank you so much Emotion: surprise
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Hello , paco

Thank you so much, this is my want.

Thank you