Hello, here's the sentence I had to fill out with appropriate word for a really, really important test. It's extracted from a paragraph which is basically about achieving a good relationship between parents and professors. So:

Such a collaborative relationship might be hard to e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

So, when I looked up the results, it was the verb establish, naturally, though I just wasn't able to remember at the given moment, so I wrote elaborate. Can that be considered correct? It was labelled as incorrect and I still have time to write a complain.

I mean, I looked up the word elaborate on the answers.com and it's like this:

  1. To work out with care and detail; develop thoroughly.
  2. To produce by effort; create.
The second is kind of a synonym for it, right?

'Establish' is a much better answer, but I wouldn't say 'elaborate' is totally impossible.

But good luck trying to convince them of that!Emotion: smile

There are lots of e-verbs you could argue like that about,

eg eliminate, embrace

I'm perfectly aware that establish is the best one out there but I just couldn't remember it and writing anything is better than writing nothing, right? Emotion: big smile

This is about republic competition for high school. I won second place and the guy who was first had only one point more than me. If I manage to get them to reconsider that one sentence, I can be first in the country. In the whole country. Which is actually pretty small, but oh well, who cares? [H]

Anyways, I'd like to hear some more opinions since this is quite ambivalent.
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to elaborate a relationship seems strange to me. It's not a very normal use of elaborate.

Give it a try, but I don't think you'll convince the judges. Emotion: crying

Haha. I know. I'm just desperate for those points. Emotion: big smile

On answers.com its second meaning is to create. So, in what context would that be?
XenoOn answers.com its second meaning is to create. So, in what context would that be?
I have no idea. Create? I don't think I've heard it used with exactly that meaning. To me elaborate means to give more details.

-- I feel that everything in my life is hopeless.

-- Can you elaborate on that?

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I'm not a native English, and truth be told, in my language it cannot mean to create. It merely means to give more details, yes, just like the basic meaning in English. It's just that I saw the second one on answers.com and figured I could get those points.

I don't know if I should write a complain then. Don't want to embarrass myself. Emotion: big smile Even my professor says I always use words in a bizarre way. Emotion: rolleyes