I'm looking for a verb which would mean - 'to raise your hand in order to answer the question or to ask for/about sth"
The situation can take place in a classroom or during a meeting, or discussion.


After the teacher asked a question many students raised their hands in order to answer it.
Many members of the comitee raised their hand in order to take the floor.

What verb can I replace the phrase in blue with?

thank you in advance

Sorry if there are mistakes in the example, i made the sentences myslef.
Emotion: wave?
We don't have one word to express this. The common phrase is 'raised their hands' and people will say 'raise your hands if...' as an instruction. Or 'raise hands' to vote for something.
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PieanneEmotion: wave?

Can I say ?

The students are waving.

And is it understood as - 'The students are waving their hands in order to answer the question'?

thank you for help
how about "respond positively"?


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