"I object! We shouldn't use that object."

1. Where do I put stress in the verb and where in the noun?
2. Does that generally apply to all verbs and nouns of equal number of syllables?
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You can say: "I do object!" We mustn't use that object!"
I'm asking a totally different question. I'm asking where to put sound stress in the noun object and the verb object.

This is what I mean:
object - noun
object - verb

I just don't know which is which and if the rule applies to all words that are both nouns and verbs.
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Yes, it often happens to words to be different part of the speech.
In English we don't put syllable on the Nouns.
I just don't get what you're talking about.

The question is simple. In the word OBJECT used as a NOUN, do we put stress on the first syllable (OB) or the second (JECT)?

"I obJECT! We shouldn't use that OBject."

Those are the stresses.
There isn't a general rule. There are several verbs and nouns that behave that way (example: record, increase, etc.), where the verb is stressed on the second syllable, and the noun on the first, but to be sure you always have to check on a dictionary.
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Thank you very much, Kooyeen. You've answered my question perfectly.
Yeah, it's 2p.m. My attention goes away. My apoligy.
No problem, Fandorin.
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