I am a bit confused about the right verb pattern of the verb "to suggest".

In my Advanced Gold Exam Maximizer I have the exercise in which I am supposed to correct the sentence:
"Could you suggest us a good restaurant near here?"
There is the answer in the key that the sentence should be:
"Could you suggest a good restaurant near here to us?

In this page
there is written that "There is no ‘to’ after suggest."

So I don´t understand what´s correct....

Could you help me, please ?
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IMO, you have reason to be confused.

I'd say:

Could you suggest a good restaurant nearby? (clearly, "to us")

There are many examples of "suggest to us" on the BBC site:

BBC NEWS | The Editors

Could you suggest to the presenter of the bbc2 proms tv programme that he should show respect for the occasion by waering a tie. ...

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Breakfast | Sabotage 'may have caused ...

But he added: "We have come up with a number of factors that suggest to us external sabotage, not casual vandalism, and it should be looked at fully." ...

I'd correct it this way:

"Could you suggest us a good restaurant near here?" ----> "Could you suggest a good restaurant near here?"

So I'd just take away that "us", you don't need it in most cases.

I also took a look at that PDF, and there's a different structure there. In brief:

1 - I suggest you to go. <-- No, wrong structure. Notice that this TO is part of the verb TO GO.
2 - I suggest you go. <-- Ok, say this instead.
3 - I suggest this to you. <--- Ok, this TO is ok. Notice this is a different structure than the first one.

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thank you for your answers...I think it´s more clear now Emotion: smile

Anyway, would you please check these sentences? Just to be sure that I really do understand.

I suggest that we go to the cinema.

I suggested that we went to the cinema.

I suggest going to the cinema.

I suggested going to the cinema.

What would you suggest him?

He suggested this book to me. (I found in my grammar book that the 2nd object should be with "to".)

Thank you for your help, it´s very useful Emotion: wink


These are all OK, except for this one.

What would you suggest him? Say 'What would you suggest to him?

I suggested that we went to the cinema.

If you mean something like "yesterday, I said 'let's go to the cinema'" then it should be:

I suggested that we go to the cinema.
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Thank you very much for your repliesEmotion: big smile

And what what would it mean if I said "I suggested that we went to the cinema."?

Sorry -- I can't really think of any situation in which it would be correct to say "I suggested that we went to the cinema."

Suppose today is Wednesday. You are describing a conversation that took place on Tuesday, among a bunch of people who could not remember what they had done on Monday. During that conversation on Tuesday, you said "Hey, I think maybe we went to the cinema yesterday!" Then, on Wednesday, you would have to say "I suggested (Tuesday) that we had gone to the cinema (Monday)." (Not "I suggested that we went to the cinema.") That's about as close as I can get to your sentence. But maybe there's a context I'm just not thinking of where it would be correct. Can anyone else come up with one?
Hi khoff,

so I´ve been searching for some examples of the above mentioned pattern and this is what I´ve found:

There were cheers when he suggested that we went home early. (Advanced Grammar in Use, Cambridge University press)

But honestly, I don´t understand why there isn´t used the pattern "he suggested that we go".....

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