"Now whenever things are so that a lot of people feel

they ought to be doing something, the weak, and those who go weak with a

lot of complicated thinking, always make for a sort of do-nothing religion,

very pious and superior, and submit to persecution and the will of the Lord.

Very likely you've seen the same thing. It's energy in a gale of funk, and

turned clean inside out."What does "turned clean inside out" mean in this excerpt?

I understand that "gale of funk" means "an outburst or uprising of fear". . . .
clean = completely, utterly
turn inside out = evert. Perhaps the meaning here is 'energy on the surface, but just a funk inside the person.
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So do you mean that the people are really scared on the inside even though they may seem strong on the outside?
I don't 'mean' anything; I am merely trying to figure out what your writer might be saying. The whole passage seems ridiculous to me.
I see what it means:

You have this energy, an uprising of fear.

For sake of argument, lets say most persons cower when they are afraid, or behave in some other inverted manner.

In this case, persons are everting their fear or directing it outward rather than inward to help others by virtue of religion.

I slept on it. I was reading too late.
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