Hello taechers

While taking some English grammar tests, I have come across this sentence :

"If you don't already have them, we recommend you buy copies of both if you are serious about learning English. "

I know that's grammatically correct, still, Talking with my American colleagues at work,they were all saying the verb recommend is always followed by an infiniteve verb with "TO". For Example :" The Doctor recommended him to loose weight "

What's your opinion?


The Instructor1955
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AnonymousI'm going to spare my students any confusion, and teach them that it is used in the same way as "suggest".
A wise decision, and your students will thank you for it. Emotion: smile

According to "Grammar and vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency", 2009, the verbs advise, recommend and forbid are followed by to infinitive when there is an object:
I recommend you to stay out their way
followed by ing when there is no object
I recommend staying out of their way
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I recommend you to stay out of their way -- This sounds odd to this AmE speaker. I would inevitably replace 'to' with 'that'.
HI! and Many Thanks!
From my personal reading , I say that recommend does not take infinitive .
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