Could you please tell me a suitable verb with right?

(=he exploited her right by force)

He was a strong man and ________________ the right of his disabled sister on the property.




I can't visualise what sort of thing you are describing. What sort of "right" are you talking about, and in what way was it "exploited by force"?

Mr. Tomexploited her right by force

I don't think you're going to find one verb that says this.

Mr. TomHe was a strong man and ________________ the right of his disabled sister to be on the property.

Do you mean her right to be on the property?


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Thanks, GPY and CJ.

If a person is not given his or her right; if that right is exploited and/or abused. For example, someone's right to his/her property...

Can we use the word abuse?

He was a strong man and abused the right of his disabled sister to her property.



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Can I use took away or deprived in that gap?

Hasib, I had 'deprived her of her right' in mind but this phrase is mainly used in our newspapers and politics. I thought it may not sound natural to native speakers, so I just decided to ask my question without mentioning 'deprive someone of their right'. By the way, you will see only our countries in this link.


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