Could you please explain why the following three sentences are correct.

1. I/You/We/They take the bus.
2. He/She takes the ferry.
3. It takes ten minutes.

My question, specifically, is as follows:

I know it sounds correct, but, how can I teach my ESL students why IT IS correct. I can't find an explanation anywhere!! I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Thank you. - Amanda
cant you describe IT as the 3rd person "neuter" which we use for anything where she or he isnt used?

and I'd say it was more to do with "agreement" than "tense" - so look up agreement in your ref. book for more guidance?

It takes a 'third person singular present' to take "takes" instead of "take."
It is the rule. It's as simple as that. Emotion: smile

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Hey Amanda it seems that you're teasing everybody around.You ask questions although you already know about the answers.

Gee, it's sooo hard to understand people like you..We're not English professors!But I think I may give you some addresses to consult.

Good luck on your research..