please can you help me with this verb "TO CONFIRM" ? I need to know what is the opposite verb, TO DENY??

I usually write " please confirm it or not"

" please confirm it or deny / or specify "

Awaiting for a feedback


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It highly depends on the context.

I can think of deny, reject, refute, disregard, refuse, disprove, contradict, rebuff, negate, gainsay and many others.

Thank you for the reply. In the sentence i wish to explain to confirm or not if i understood the mail correctly so i need the customer to confirm the points mentioned in my previous mail or not to confirm.

Can i say:

"confirm or not " ?

" confirm or specify differently" ??

Btw I think that deny, gainsay, disprove, contradict are ok for this sentence..

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Dear Pamela

Hrsanei is right to say it depends on context. When it is a business phrase, I think we quite often just use a form of "not"..

- I can confirm I'll be in New York on the 25th

- I can't yet confirm that I'll be in New York on the 25th

In science, for example..

- Did Professor Jones confirm your hypothesis?

- No, he disproved it!

Best regards, Dave

thanks for the help you gave.

Could you please make some examples for the use of : to gainsay, to rebuff and to refute? I did not heard about it never so i do not know the context in which they should be used..

Maybe i can try say to refute could be used to refuse an invitation?

Anyway i usually use the verb to confirm when i ask customer if he is satisfied with our stand design so i ask him to confirm if the design is ok or not. could you kindly suggest a different verb which fits to this context? (with reference to the already mentioned verbs )i guessnot all of them can fit the context!

thanks thanks thanks :-)


This is not easy. (Partly, to be honest, because I'm not a salesman!)

On the one hand, you want to get the customer to agree the deal; on the other hand you don't want to put them in a corner where they say no

My best suggestion would be something like..

- Thank you for viewing our stand designs. Please would you confirm your order with us by email and we will deliver it to you within seven days. If you would like to discuss your requirements further, then I will arrange for our consultant, Mr Jackson, to contact you at a time convenient to you

Best regards, Dave
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Thanks dear ..BUT:

I do not want to confirm the order, I want he to confirm (says) that the modifications made on the stand design are accordingly to their wish.

I usually write : " could you confirm or specify if you want to change something else?"


"could you confirm or not if the modifications are accordingly to your requests"

Is there something correct in what i wrote ? :-)

In your case I would not use confirm or not, sounds bad.

Whether is the better choice for me.

Could you confirm whether the modifications are according(don't think you need ly) to your requests?
Thanks for the reply.

BUT.. if I use WHETHER i also can simply use IF ??

am i right?
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