4.List the verbals in the following sentences, Identify the type of each one (gerund, infinitive or participle), and state how each verbal is used in the sentence ( as a noun, and adjective, or an adverb).

Example: Swimming is an aerobic exercise.

( Swimming – gerund, used as a noun.)

a. I wanted to leave, but it was too early.

to leave - infinitive, used as a noun.

b. The screaming toddler disturbed the sunday morning church services.

screaming - participle, used as an adjective. (should I include "morning" also ... honestly, I dont think it's a verbal. I'm gonna say it's just a regular adjective, because I could easily replace it by: "afternoon" Am I correct?

c.His running for re-election depends on public support.

running - gerund, used as a noun.

d.To avoid a delay in your plans, try arriving fifteen minutes early.

to avoid - infinitive, used as a noun. *this one I'm unsure about. (need some help)

thanks. How are my answers looking?

They're all fine except the last one, where an infinitive structure is used adverbially. (It answers the question "Why?")
a. 'To leave" is not used as a noun, though it's an infinitive verb. It comes after the partial auxiliary "want".

b. Correct. Morning is a noun, used as an adjective.

c. Correct.

d. "To avoid" is an infinitive used as an adverb.

I hope that helps.
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thanks,,,, this helps a lot.