People talk _______ one another on computers.

What should I put on above blank?
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People talk to one another on computers.
How about: People talk about one another on computers.
Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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Hi Salam,

Yes, you are right. But as usual, it depends on the context. I'd use about if the sentence read:

People gossip ____ one another on computers.
To guest
It is to or with

To salam1101
I'm afraid it is wrong.
We talk with/to a person (it is the person you wishes to exchange words with a person)
We talk about/on/of a topic.

So "people talk about (the topic relating to) one another" doesn't make sense in this example.
"Gossip" carries the same idea as "talk".

Source: Oxford; Longman Dictionary.
I'm based on their sentence patterns, examples, as well as my knowledge to justify them.

Any discussion is welcome.
Hi Wai,

To "talk about someone" is acceptable.

For example:

"Don't talk about Michael behind his back."
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Dear matthewg,
Yes, but the meaning changes to me.

In your example:
- don't talk about (say, the private life of) Michael behind his back.

Here we are not exchanging words with the Michael
Rather, we are talking to some person(s) and the topic they are talking is related to Michael.

Or do you mean "about" can be used to replace "with/to" in the same sense?
I talk about you on computers. (Meaning: I am exchanging words with you; and the topic is about compuer)

Correct me if I get anything wrong.
Hi Wai,

No, about can't be used to replace with/to in that sense.

"I talk about you on computers" means "I am talking about (your private life, for example) behind your back, on a computer"

The sentence with this meaning:
I am exchanging words with you; and the topic is about compuer


"I am talking with you about computers."

These might be helpful:

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[url="http://www.frostburg.edu/clife/writingcenter/prep.htm"]Verbs and their Prepositions[/url]

Hope this helps.
After your explanation, I think we have the same knowledge in common, but differ due to different interpretations on the question.

I assume the questioner wish me to say:
People exchange words with one another; and the topic is about computers

You assume the questioner wish you t say:
People exchange words on the topic of one another in front of computers

So both usage:
- People talk with/to one another on computers
- People talk about one another on computers

are acceptable but the meanings differ.

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