1) that sounds natural!

2) it may appear different.

i can't really pinpoint why, but those two sentences seem just okay. the thing is..

don't they have to be "sounds naturally" and "appear differently" since "sound" and "appear" are both verbs?

By the way, MODERATOR!! do my questions fit into this message board?? sometimes, i can't find my own questions. do you think they have been moved to somewhere else??? :-)


and how can i get one of those cute icons that appears before my ID?? Emotion: smile
Hi Ryan,

Your feeling about these sentences is right.

Michael Swan discusses this in his Practical English Usage (Section 13).

Briefly, the verbs be, seem, appear, look, sound, taste, feel, smell can be used with adjectives. The adjective is really describing the subject of the sentence. eg The car looks red.

There are also some other, less common cases in which other verbs can be used with adjecives.

This kind of question is certainly appropriate for this part of the Forum.

Best wishes, Clive
Ryan, an easy way to find your questions - and hopefully their answers Emotion: smile - is to click on "my forums" in the home pages. You'll find there all the threads you have contributed to.
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Clive! thank you very much for the great explanation! i got it!! :->
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