I'm not sure if I should write just verbs or clauses in the following:

(These are the results of a research on how much and what people read if they read at all, conducted on a sample)


read 50

borrowed 38

bought 26

recieved as a present 19

none of the above 45

total 100

or those people who read, those people who borrowed, etc.

Thank you

I think the verbs are sufficient, Antonia. I presume that there is at least a sentence of accompanying text which explains that this chart shows how people meet books. (It seems odd, though--are they mutually exclusive, that is, did no one else read a book except those who 'read'?)
I think that 50percent of the total number have read at least one book in the period, 38 percent of the total number have borrowed the book, so I guess they are mutually exclusive. Yes, there is a sentencewith explanation.

Thank you MIster Micawber