Hi! Mods.
I am not getting the verification email. I have been trying for 3 days it says it may be in your spams but it isn't there either. Please help me.
Hi, check if your email is spelled correctly Emotion: smile
Yeah I have checked it thrice and it's spelled perfectly.
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Our system says your email is "[email protected] yahoo.om" If you fix that you should get the email.
Yeah you sorted out the culprit but yet when I tried changing the spellings from "om" to "com" and click "verify" it is sending the verification email to the same wrong address(It saysPlease check [email protected]ahoo.om for a verification email. Please also check your 'spam' folder.
If you didn't receive a verification) although I have changed the spellings from "om" to "com".
Could you tell me what's wrong with it?
Even I couldn't change your email address so you were right about that not working. We've put a random email address now through the back-end, you could try putting your proper one in again. However, your account is approved now no matter if that works or not. Sorry about this, not sure exactly what's going on in the dungeons of the system Emotion: smile
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Hey! thanks for approving it. I am not worried about it anymore.
Yeah I will keep trying adding mine ocassionaly until it settles in there. Thanks! again.