Would these sentences be considered grammatically correct?

Thank you,

I do not want to burst your spelling bee bubble; however, “I before E except after C. Sorry I'm an a-hole” would be considered sentence fragments. Please revise your grammatical errors before pointing out someone’s obvious typo. Sorry, I'm not an "a-hole" but I do enjoy correcting one. =)
The whole passage seems rather rude, and I suggest abandoning the confrontation.
I believe your first sentence would be an incomplete one. You have joined a complete sentence , via the semicolon, as another thought on the same subject, but you didn't finish the sentence after the semicolon. It might be okay if you added "is the rule to follow in spelling."* "Sorry I'm an a-hole." might be a whole sentence, as a sort of apologie.

I agree with maif on the tone of the remark, however.

(with some exceptions and, I believe, in foreign languages)