See if you can solve this. I can't.

My mother feels I am a pain
Yet with her I do remain
Till I leave at last her house
For the breast of a rich man's spouse.

The thing bleeped out is another word for bosom....
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the answer is an unwanted child to an unwed mother.

Why? the mother carries the child and then puts it up for adoption.

Just found out the answer.... it's pearl.

A clam feels pain when sand gets inside of it. Therefore, it secretes a substance which turns the sand into a pearl which then is taken and sold to a rich person. Thanks for trying though=]
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really beyond my expectation!

the answer is too zigzag to obtain!

It's a metaphor in the general
Well lests c... according to my Encarta thesaurus... a synonym for the word bosom (n) will be arm... and if you place that in the beeped place... all the lines are leading towards something that is being taken from the mother which usually gives her pain but joy also (as it remains with her) and leaves for the job (Arm) of a rich man's spouse... well the only thing that I can think of is a "Daughter" ... so is my Answer correct???
sorry,,, i'm more confused with the answer... [:^)]
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We are alike, We are close to each other, But don't touch, But far apart, We are one. What are we? Emotion: stick out tongue
Dunno can someone help? im under 13 and really dumb so HELP PLZ
the answer is ass..
Pearl makes sense.

It also helps if you know that the beeped out word is bre ast - which can also mean chest - a string of pearls will go around your neck and lay on your chest.

It's a pain to its mother as a pearl is formed when an irritating piece of grit gets into an oyster's shell and it coats it in 'pearl' to stop the irritation.
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