Hello everybody, I’ve been following this forum for quite a time, and you're really helping people! Now it is my turn to ask for help..

I'm writing below that I’ve learned English at school, so I supposed to know it and be good at it.. But... I have got no practice in English for 7 years.. I have nothing left from my knowledge of English Emotion: sad

So, that's what I’ve produced:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am applying for the Master of Science in Communications Engineering program.

After completing the Master’s program, I will pursue a career at one of the communication companies in Europe. My objective is to become a certified expert in communication area. After gaining sufficient experience in working at German enterprise during student internship, it would be easier to understand the business processes and technological procedures of any European communication service provider. The area of my scientific interest is on the edge of technological progress and I believe that knowledge, I will obtain by this program, will be extremely interesting to apply in practice.

The MSCE program is an international one, and I’m excited to have a chance of getting to know outstanding and purposeful students from other countries.

Since I was at school I had taken a lot of opportunities of dealing with representatives of other cultures. My school was the specialized one, with an emphasis on English language. We communicated permanently with partner-schools in Great Britain and United States. American students have learned in our classes. That was a good experience to begin with. When I was 16, I was asked to take part in a meeting with NATO research officers as an interpreter. My school was not only a place of education; it was a place where we have developed relationships between classmates and increased tolerance and respect to other cultures.

I graduated in July, 2002 from the Moscow Technical University, Russia, with an engineer diploma in Communication Networks and Switching Systems. My specialization focuses on Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). During the study at the university, I’ve worked part-time in the telecom service provider, as a technician. That helped me to get practically acquainted with subject of my studies. Three times during my higher education I made internship in telecommunication service providers. Two of these three internships were made with two Russia’s first-rate telecom companies – *** and ***. That was a great preparation for real working conditions – I’ve learned to work in team, to take part in considerations and to take decisions.

After graduation I received job offer from my latest company of internship - ***. I have worked in Network development and planning department as an engineer for more than 2 years. Work in such a creative branch inspired me to develop myself further. I possess the strong willingness to perfect myself in Communication theory and doing it in such a famous university would be of a great pleasure for me.

The reasons mentioned above can verify that I have good communication skills, I’m full of enthusiasm and hope to gain this opportunity to prove my earnestness; I am able to readily integrate, socialize and interact with people from other cultures. Besides, I have completed two courses of German language in Moscow (Gete University) and doing now my third course since December, 2004 in Germany. I am sure it will help me a lot in solving daily problems, which will arise during the study process. Nevertheless, my German is not good enough to study at the university, so the only possibility to do it, is to catch the opportunity of studying the desired subject in English.

Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,
I'll have to send this letter in the morning ... Emotion: sad(
and it still sounds whatever-but-not-english
I understand that nobody is obliged to do it.

But I ASKED for help Emotion: sad

At the moment - 58 times according to the counter the post was viewed, and nobody have said a word.
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That's probably 'cause your letter is quite fine. I mean you seemed to follow all the needed steps when writing the letter.

Horoshaya rabota i Udachi!:)
Dear Sir or Madam:

This is to attest that Mr. ***, is a member of the *** organization. We are officially sponsoring him to attend a business meeting at the following address:


Our organization will pay for Mr. ***'s expenses during his stay in U.S.

If you should have any questions, please contact us.

Best Regards,


Thanks.. but that's not too encouraging anyways

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Sorry, Chiffre.

Have you sent the letter? 2Valeriya is right - it looks like a pretty good letter. It may not be absolutely perfect English as written by a highly educated English academic, but that would not be you, and it is important to be yourself as well as produce a good letter.
Thank you, Abbie,

Now, at least I know that this letter is not one big failure. Two aspects have worried me a lot - grammer and composition. But after your positive report, I can calm down.
Yes, I have sent the letter..

I hope that members of the examining board will hold the same positive opinion