Hey everyone, i have been somewhat a victim of racism, but i still need to relate to the rest of you who have been. I know i'm not alone in this so please share.Emotion: smile
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What happened Greenstone?
Well, i'm Chinese Canadian, but i've grown up all around white people and all my friends are white, but i've never felt alienated. This has happened when i was really young, but i'll never forget it. I was in Quebec, waitin in a school for a friend, when suddenlly a black boy and his friends come over and says: 'get your chinese-*** out of our school' i was so shocked about that comment because no one has ever said anything like that to me and i was only around 9 years old, so i didn't say anything.
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Am I in the right place for this kind of subject?
I'm not sure about what answer you are expecting. I mean, there was never a question, so I feel I cannot help you. What I do can tell is that I never experienced racism, and I never have been racism with anyone. And even if I did, I never did it with real intention.
I do not live in a society where racism is even a topic of conversation. I think it is because racism is stupid and it doesn't have any sense. Those who are racist are wrong, and you shouldn't feel bad if a jerk told you such a stupid thing. Maybe he was just showing himself to his friends (since I think he was also a child just like you). Maybe he saw it on the TV and he thought it was something cool. In fact, maybe he still remembers it and he is ashamed of himself. I know this may seem silly but don't you feel bad about something you probably did in some stage of your life? I am!.
Thanks for your reply. You're probably right, he could even have been younger than me. That experience was probably the most extreme i've ever acountered so maybe i shouldn't beat myself up over it. But i have also heard about other victims like me that have the same kind of thing happen to them, so i also take that into account and it appears offensive to me. Besides, it has been almost 5 years since it happened, so the view of the society must have changed for the better (i hope).
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I'm Chinese myself, and I also had a bad experience a few years ago.

I was working in a predominantly Anglo organization, and I soon discovered that the dept. applied different standards on me and an African American lady. We had to keep a clean desk; others didn't. We couldn't make a mistake (though we were still learning); others could. If I made a little mistake, it would go on my personnel profile.

That African American lady and I left on the same day, eight months after we started.

I had no regrets though. Unfair as it was, it was a learning experience for me. Sometimes I thought an apology would be nice, but I don't expect one coming any time soon. Emotion: smile
I'm sorry to hear about your experience, but at least it was a subtle form of racism, not like mine which was full up frontal Emotion: sad good thing that you have no regrets, i'm sure that you have moved on from that and you have better things to do than put up with people like that. Good job.Emotion: smile
Hello Victims,

Once slave in heaven, what do you expect, I personally receive my portion of insults, and remarks almost every day, but fortunately, I am phisycally gifted, and can punch my way out when the going gets tough. Cheers
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