What is the difference between vide & via???

in which situation we have to use this words ??
Hello, pmsphram.

The two words are unrelated in current meaning, and you don't have to use either one of them.

Vide is a learned word, an academic word used in formal papers to direct the reader's attention to a reference, often in the phrases vide ante (see before), vide infra (see below), vide post (see after),vide supra (see above), vide ut supra (see as above).

Via is a preposition of standard register:

1. by a route that touches or passes through; by way of: to flyto Japan via the North Pole.

2. by the agency or instrumentality of: a solution via an inquiry.
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Vide is used strictly as a direction in a reference book or paper, meaning "see (the following)." And I believe it is often abbreviated as, vid. For example: "Vid. chapter 12."

Via on the other hand is a word used in speech and writing, for example: "I sent in my resume via (by way of) the web." or "I sent in my homework via the internet."
thanks all for your excellent explanation

These two words "vide" and "via" are totally unrelated as they have different meanings.

"vide" (pronounced VY-dee, with the VY- rhyming as "my", or VID-day) is a Latin word which means "see", used to direct a reader's attention, as in "vide page 64" to mean "see page 64".

"via"(pronounced VY-yer) means 1.(a) By way of; through, as in "Take the route to Cardiff via Reading and Oxford."; (b) By way of and stopping at, as in "We can go home via the shops." 2. By means of, as in "I'll get the parcel to you via a friend of mine."

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