My questions to English teachers:
How should learners of English choose audio and video aids for learning English? What audio and video aids would English teachers recommend?
I have discovered a lot of websites on audio and video aids for learning and improving English. However, English language learners will have difficulty choosing the most suitable ones for their practical needs. I suggest that English language learners should look for audio and video aids that first of all cover Everyday English conversation topics and vocabulary comprehensively.
English learning audio and video aids are extremely important for any learner to hear proper real English pronunciation and conversation, and for practicing listening comprehension and speaking, because relatively few learners of English have an adequate long-term opportunity to talk English to native English speakers on a variety of topics. I would like to create a debate among English teachers on usefulness and practical application of audio and video aids for improving English and on tips how learners and teachers of English can effectively use them. This issue is extremely important for mastering various aspects of English, in particular listening comprehension, speaking, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Of course practicing real natural speaking with native English speakers on a multitude of topics and issues is top priority, but proper and effective use of audio and video aids can create solid practice of English, and also significantly contribute to mastering English.
Briefly, each A/V material should be short, self-contained and at native speed, and its use must be accompanied by a task or tasks that ensure the students' active participation in what is essentially a passive activity. A good measure of level is that the student should be able to understand about 70% of it.

That's all I really have to say about this.
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i know it audio and video help much in learning anything but from i can find it?

please suggest me some website espesially for audio.
You can go with Wikipedia where you can find more important tips for english easily.
I suggest you look at the BBC sites http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk / There is a very large amount of teaching material available, including short audio/video material supported various learning activties. One example is the long running series The Flatmates. The videos can still be found on You Tube but the supporting information is one the BBC site.
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I recorded one audio lesson, it has quite good opinions so it's not so bad I think -