I think this clip will very use full for those who want to speak English well, please click this link for detail:

Have fun!
Hi, welcome to EnglishForward and thanks for sharing Emotion: smile.

It might be also useful to persons who want to start teaching english as that's the actual purpose of the video.
At the beginning he says that it's good "to keep things simple". For the first years of learning I agree.
But this is actually the point that bothers me the most during lessons. My english teacher uses a fairly easy style of language so that everyone can understand it. But I'd like to be more familiar with an advanced style of language like it is common in english speaking countries.
Thanks. Good video Emotion: smile.
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This video is very good to learn English. Thank you.
This is really useful video to learn English. I am trying to improve my English.

I use the online video lesson so that I can improve my Englih faster.
Thank you for sharing.
Hi Feo,

did you also check out the other videos and written lessons we have on this site ? There are so many ways to improve your english here on EnglishForward.

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Hi . I'm not a teacher, I'm only an English native speaker. I'm helping Vietnamese children on the Internet with English. At first I taught them the alphabet & how to pronounce each letter. I also tell them it's important to say the end of a word. I play Basic English conversation to them over speakers, then I play a part and they play a part. Like Hello my name is, I am 10 years old etc etc. Will this help the children in any way? Thank you for your videos.