I enjoy using film clips, short films, tv shows, and movies in the classroom. I find that students prefer to see actual English in use rather than John Doe introducing himself to Jane Doe at 3/4 speed.

I have found that "For the Birds", a hilarious animated short by Pixar, is excellent for teaching feeling words. Any other video can also be used when you stop the film and elicit predictions about the next action, or simple descriptions of what just happened.

Regarding longer films, it can take forever to get through a 2 hour movie if the students really want to focus on the language.

I'd like to find out what other teachers use.
Movies are too long. I find that short documentaries work best for me with Japanese students. One of my favorites is the BBC 'Roadshow' series, which looks at regions of Britain and local antiques and oddities, in short (3-5 minute) independent segments.

I use on-line videos, mainly from CBS. They are short, some are funny but all of them are quite interesting. I recommend "Workplace misconduct rising", "Get human on the phone" and "Don't let money ruin your marriage"