Hi I'm Son. I come from Vietnam. I was born in the capital in Vietnam. I would like to make friends with everyone in the whole world. Have you ever been to my country? It is very wonderful, fantastic and amazing. You will never ever forget my country if you put your foot in Vietnam. My country is very very poor but we are really friendly, peaceable, plain people. Now my country is being grown up day by day. I can imagine one day we will catch Singapore or ThaiLand (they are my neighbour). As you see, once upon a time we were well-known in the world by defeating American army. But at the moment a few people know about the country. When I ask my friends (foreigner) about my capital, none of them know my capital except HoChiMinh city. I am very sad to hear that. But indeed, it is true because we are very small country and nothing is famous. Apparently, someone considers us like one of the branches of China (Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao...). In fact, we are the independent country. We have a lot of genius guys who work at abroad like America,France, Australia, Canada but they don't want to come back to Vietnam because of salaries, environments ....I am very upset of this. Indeed,If I were them, I would do that. Now things are going to change a lot and i feel my country's economy is going up. And I am very happy for this news. Actually, at the moment we are very safe country to visit and very cheap as well. You can compare price to visit my country and the other countries in the Asian Union (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore), you will see the difference if you take off in Vietnam. We have amazing delicious food (totally different to Chinese food) and have a lot of sight-seeing. Hopefully you will visit and find out these thing as I am trying to give you some information about Vietnam. No waiting and no ponderousness to pick up ticket and visit our country once time. You will see everything I said here is true. Welcome to Vietnam. I am waiting to meet you somewhere in my country.

Best regards.

Are ther restrictions on American's visits to Vietnam?
No of course not, my friend. Everyone in the whole world we treat the same. You will see if you really want to travel my country. Welcome to Vietnam, pal.
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No, of course not, my friend. Everybody in the whole world, we treat the same. No worries about this. Let pack up your things and travel my country once on your lifetime. You will see how amazing Vietnam is. No need to ponder, hurry up. I will meet you here. Welcome to Vietnam (the wonderful land forever), pal.
Hey Son, Vietnam is not 'very very poor'!!!!!!! It is developing rapidly and will soon be a tiger in Asia. Although there has been restriction in economic management, things are getting better.

I understand that you want to introduce our country to friends all over the world. But I think you 'd better telling more about our culture ( traditional arts such as water puppet, Cheo, Tuong..) or beautiful sights ( beaches, lakes, peaceful villages, national parks, Halong bay which is certificated by Unesco..) or our heroic tradition. I think it would be a good idea to tell about our customs and habits, the things they should and shouldn't do in Vietnam, sothat they could feel more confident and convenient while visiting our beautiful country ^_^. Do you agree with me?

By the way, i'm glad to hear that you want to make friend with me. I 'll contact you soon. But frankly, my English is not so good as you think : (
Hey guys Emotion: smile

Im from HCMC and really think it such an intersting city to explore not only to visit ^ ^. Honestly I've lived here for 17 years or so but still have not found out all of its secrets. I think each city not (only HCMC) has its own little things that make its attractiveness. Those maybe about cultural, sights, peoples habits... and so on. Everyone has the own way to find out and enjoy them. I love to travel around the world but I think I must explore cities in Vietnam and their own specificities first. ^ ^

About Hanoi, I read on newspapers that it was ranked sixth among Asia's best cities for tourists, according to an annual survey conducted by the US's pretigious Travel and Leisure Magazine. And Hanoi is also chosen to be one of the best cities for foodies, this information is from MSN Travel website. They introduced one kind of unique dishes in Hanoi - snake dishes. But they are unusual delicacies. You can find another tasty dishes from many places in Vietnam not only Hanoi, such as various kinda noodles, all kinda desserts and snacks available especially at street shops .... Maybe all you guys have known about this already, but I cant stop myself when thinking about foods ^ ^ Emotion: stick out tongue

Oh... imagining all those food make me feel hungry...><
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I am sorry, Ms Michelia. My vocabulary still have restricted. I am trying to improve this but noone helps me lift my poor English. Could u so kind to be my learning partner? And I hope we can help each other enhance our English levels. What do u say with my idea? By the way, could u help me add some information which I missed in this paragraph? I am really appreciated and delighted if u help me carry on introducing our lovely beautiful Vietnam. Eventually, I have to say "thanks a lot" cuz u remind me sth I haven't mentioned those. Take care, my friend.
Ps: Never mind if ur English is not so good as I thought. We are just learner about the language so we are not perfect to speak but the main point is we can help each other improve our English. We should respect the valuable thing. I am very happy if u can talk to me sometimes.
Hi . Son. I am also a Vietnamese. I am so glad to read your message. After reading yours, I ask myself how many people can be like you.

I am Tran.