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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
What will you do for the next year? Are you planning to study Vietnamese? If you are, then you meet the right person Emotion: smile. I am third year student at Hanoi University of Foreign Studies and I offer Vietnamese tutor at a very reasonable price, $10 per hour, and with an excellent quality.
I major in linguistics at the university so you can be sure that I am very fluent in Vietnamese.
If you are in Hanoi and want to study Vietnamese, contact me via this email address <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only.> and leave me your phone number, I will call you.
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Dear Students,
I am writing you about Vietnamese language teaching. Here we have native experieced tutors who can surely help you with your Vietnamese.

Our centre offers lessons of two kinds. If you are living somewhere in Hanoi, I will send my man to talk with you. Otherwise, you can definitely have online lessons with the support of skype. In the case of online lesson, you can set up the time to talk on skype with our online tutor Ms Hien with the Skype nickname

You can email us <contact details removed, please add them to your profile only.>
I am waiting for your response.
I'm living in Ireland and want conversation practice in Vietnamese using Skype. My level is about intermediate. Hope to hear from you soon.
my email is Email Removed