I set out to find a member whose name I couldn't remember but was sure I'd recognize.
This can be time-consuming, since there purport to be 263 pages of 36 each, making a possible total of 9468 members.

I set out dutifully, recognizing three or four members on each page. I took a break at around page 30, and when I resumed, I got the distinct impression that I had seen some of the faces earlier in my search.

Sometime after I passed the 100-page mark, the system flipped to page 263, and invited me to go backward.

So I began to wonder. Emotion: thinking

1. Do you keep shuffling the members while we're leafing through the pages?

2. There seems to be a gap of a hundred-plus pages in the log. Does the whole bunch get shifted to the rear at some magic point as we wend our way through?

3. How many absolute pages of members do we actually have at this time, mas o menos?

Best wishes, - A.
1.It shouldn't be happening but I'll check just in case. Perhaps the users had the same avatars? (Like the Windows default pictures - I've seen different users having the same avatars like that.)

2. It was fine for me. For example, Page 205 . Can you access it now?

3. About 2661 pages , as you can see if you remove the "Images only" tick at the top right of the page and click the "Search" button again.
I can view page 205, but I have to come in from the back door.

I probably didn't make myself clear.
If I wend my way through the pages, beginning at page one and advancing a few pages at a time, I reach a magic point somewhere after page 100 where the system suddenly shifts me to the last page (263, or something like that), and the "arrow" now points to the left.

That is, I can't begin at page one, and view each page in sequence until I come to page 205. Emotion: smile

- A.