The devil in you
fascinates my soul
The power in you
submits my will
The confidence in you
persits in my spirit.
All lost in my paradise
fighting a battle for eternity
reigning in secrets
but ahhhh
God rules this world
Harry Potter serves in Heaven
and I, I am rotten in Hell.
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noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Emotion: crying

Here... have a basket of flowers

* \/ 0 * O \\//
| : : : : : :: |
| ; ; ; ; ; ;; |

.| =
/| <-- and a hug *-D

And lots of other things... which I can't draw

Emotion: smile
Didn't u like my poem? I dedicate it to you.
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Well I've been waiting to c u online all week.
and you were nowhere to be found.

And it was awful.

and and and but but but....

Heya Maj! U got msnEmotion: wink Emotion: stick out tongue
yeah. What's yours?
Email Removed add me add me!!

Oh and get msn6 because it is crazy cool!
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hey maj ru a harry potter fan ?
I love the first film. The second was not so original.
aha ..
im a fan .. but i like the books better .. n Thats what i call Original ..
they're way more interesting than the movies ..

btw : Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban will be showed around june in the US & UK theatres ..
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